Lowell, Percival

A steady atmosphere is essential to the study of planetary detail; size of instrument being a very secondary matter. A large instrument in poor air will not begin to show what a smaller one in good air will. When this is recognized, as it eventually will be, it will become the fashion to put up observatories where they can see rather than be seen.

Mitchell, Maria

There is no observatory in this land, nor in any land, probably, of which the question is not asked, 'Are they doing anything? Why don't we hear from them? They should make discoveries, they should publish.'

In Phebe Mitchell Kendall Maria Mitchell: Life, Letters, and Journals Chapter XI (p. 223)

Rosseland, S.

...an astronomical observatory of to-day looks more like a factory plant than an abode for philosophers. The poetry of constellations has given way to the lure of plate libraries, and the angel of cosmogenic speculation has been caught in a cobweb of facts insistently clamoring for explanations.

Theoretical Astrophysics Introduction (p. xi)

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