Browne, Sir Thomas

All things begin in order, so shall they end, and so shall they begin again; according to the ordainer of order, and the mysticall mathematicks of the City of Heaven.

In John Carter (ed.) Urne Buriall and The Garden of Cyrus The Garden of Cyrus Chapter V (p. 114)

Frankel, Felice Whitesides, George M.

Order is repetition, regularity, symmetry, simplicity. It forms the spine of our efforts to measure, control, and understand.

On the Surface of Things Order (p. 63)

Kline, Morris

Is there a law and order in this universe or is its behavior merely the working of chance and caprice? Will the Earth and other planets continue their motions around the sun or will some unknown body, coming from great distances, rush through our planetary system and alter the course of every planet? Cannot the sun some day explode, as other suns are doing daily, and burn us all to a crisp? Was man deliberately planted on a planet especially prepared for his existence or is he merely an insignificant concomitant of accidental cosmic circumstances?

Mathematics In Western Culture Chapter 24 (p. 276)

Mann, Thomas

...order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject—the actual enemy is the unknown.

The Magic Mountain Encyclopedic (pp. 245-6)

Moulton, Forest Ray

Now we find ourselves a part of a Universal Order of which we did not dream and whose alphabet we are just beginning to learn. Instead of shrinking it to our measure, we contemplate its infinite orderliness and set no limits to the goal our race may hope to attain.

Astronomy Chapter XVI (p. 533)

Yang, Chen Ning

Nature possesses an order that one may aspire to comprehend.

In Nobel Foundation Nobel Lecture Physics 1942-62 Nobel Lecture of Chen Ning Yang December 11, 1957 (p. 394)

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