Eddington, Sir Arthur Stanley

Results of measurements are the subject-matter of physics; and the moral of the theory of relativity is that we can only comprehend what the physical quantities stand for if we first comprehend what they are.

The Mathematical Theory of Relativity Conclusion (p. 240)

Einstein, Albert

There is something attractive in presenting the evolution of a sequence of ideas in as brief a form as possible, and yet with a completeness sufficient to preserve throughout the continuity of development. We shall endeavor to do this for the Theory of Relativity, and to show that the whole ascent is composed of small, almost self-evident steps of thought.


A Brief Outline of the Development of the Theory of Relativity (p. 782)

Volume 106, Number 2677, February 1921

Page, Leigh

The rotating armatures of every generator and motor in this age of electricity are steadily proclaiming the truth of the relativity theory to all who have ears to hear.

American Journal of Physics Volume 43, Number 4, April 1975 (p. 330)

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