Bridgman, P.W.

The scientific method, as far as it is a method, is nothing more than doing one's damnedest with one's mind.

Reflections of a Physicist Chapter 21 (p. 351)

Medawar, Peter

If the purpose of scientific methodology is to prescribe or expound a system of enquiry or even a code of practice for scientific behavior, then scientists seem able to get on very well without it.

Pluto's Republic

Induction and Intuition in Scientific Thought (p. 78)

The essence of the scientific spirit is to use the past only as a springboard to the future.

In A.A. Warner, Dean Morse and T.E. Cooney (eds) The Environment of Change The Revolution in Science (p. 47)

Renan, Ernest

Orthodox people have as a rule very little scientific honesty. They do not investigate, they try to prove and this must necessarily be so. The result has been given to them beforehand; this result is true, undoubtedly true. Science has no business with it, science which starts from doubt without knowing whither it is going, and gives itself up bound hand and foot to criticism which leads it wheresoever it lists.

The Future ofScience Chapter III (p. 33)

Verne, Jules

There is no more envious race of men than scientific discoverers.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth Chapter 3 (p. 22)

Scientific truth is the remotest of mistresses. She hides in strange places, she is attained by tortuous and laborious roads, but she is always there! Win to her and she will not fail you; she is yours and mankind's forever. She is reality, the one reality I have found in this strange disorder of existence. . .

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