Rowland, Henry Augustus

The whole universe is before us to study. The greatest labor of the greatest minds has only given us a few pearls; and yet the limitless ocean, with its hidden depths filled with diamonds and precious stones, is before us. The problem of the universe is yet unsolved, and the mystery involved in one single atom yet eludes us. The field of research only opens wider and wider as we advance, and our minds are lost in wonder and astonishment at the grandeur and beauty unfolded before us.

The Physical Papers of Henry Augustus Rowland A Plea for Pure Science (p. 613)

When you run into something interesting, drop everything else and study it.

Cumulative Record A Case History in Scientific Method (p. 81)

Tsiolkovsky, K.E.

To place one's feet on the soil of asteroids, to lift a stone from the moon with your hand, to construct moving stations in ether space, to organize inhabited rings around Earth, moon and sun, to observe Mars at the distance of several tens of miles, to descend to its satellites or even to its own surface—what could be more insane! However, only at such a time when reactive devices are applied, will a great new era begin in astronomy: the era of more intensive study of the heavens.

In M.K. Tikhonravov (ed.) Works on Rocket Technology by K.E. Tsiolkovsky The Investigation of Universal Space by Means of Reactive Devices (p. 95)

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