Galilei, Galileo

Neither the satellites of Jupiter nor any other stars are spots or shadows, nor are the sunspots stars. It is indeed true that I am quibbling over names, while I know that anyone may impose them to suit himself. So long as a man does not think that by names he can confer inherent and essential properties on things, it would make little difference whether he calls these "stars."

Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo Letters on Sunspots

Third Letter on Sunspots, From Galileo Galilei to Mark Welser (p. 139) Zirin, Harold

Just like the green fields and virgin forests, the granules, the sunspots, the elegant prominences reflect the pure beauty of nature. They offer aesthetic pleasure, as well as scientific challenge, to those who study them.

Astrophysics of the Sun Preface (p. ix)

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