Ferris, Timothy

...let us pause to slake our thirst one last time at symmetry's bubbling spring.

Coming of Age in the Milky Way Chapter 20 (p. 385)

Weyl, Hermann

Symmetry is a vast subject, significant in art and nature. Mathematics lies at its root, and it would be hard to find a better one on which to demonstrate the working of the mathematical intellect.


Crystals: The General Mathematical Idea of Symmetry (p. 145)

Wickham, Anna

God, Thou great symmetry, Who put a biting lust in me From whence my sorrows spring For all the frittered days That I have spent in shapeless ways Give me one perfect thing.

The Contemplative Quarry Envoi

Nature seems to take advantage of the simple mathematical representations of the symmetry laws. When one pauses to consider the elegance and the beautiful perfection of the mathematical reasoning involved and contrast it with the complex and far-reaching physical consequences, a deep sense of respect for the power of the symmetry laws never fails to develop.

In Nobel Foundation Nobel Lecture Physics 1942-62 Nobel Lecture of Chen Ning Yang December 11, 1957 (pp. 394-5)

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