Gauss, Carl Friedrich

I am giving this winter two courses of lectures to three students, of which one is only moderately prepared, the other less than moderately, and the third lacks both preparation and ability. Such are the onera of a mathematical profession.

Briefwechsel zwischen Gauss und Bessel

Letter 46 Letter to Bessel January 7,1810 (p.107)

Regnault, Pere

Will you discover to me...those Secrets which Nature has imparted to you?

Philosophical Conversations Volume I Conversation XII (p. 154)

Stoppard, Tom

THOMASINA: If you do not teach me the true meaning of things, who will?

SEPTIMUS: Ah. Yes, I am ashamed. Carnal embrace is sexual congress, which the insertion of the male genital organ into the female genital organ for purposes of procreation and pleasure. Fermat's last theorem, by contrast, asserts that when x, y, and z are whole numbers each raised to power of n, the sum of the first two can never equal the third when n is greater than 2. (Pause.) THOMASINA: Eurghhh! SEPTIMUS: Nevertheless, that is the theorem.

THOMASINA: It is disgusting and incomprehensible. Now when I am grown to practice it myself I shall never do so without thinking of you.

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