Atiyah, Michael

...it is hard to communicate understanding because that is something you get by living with a problem for a long time. You study it, perhaps for years, you get the feel of it and it is in your bones. You can't convey that to anybody else. Having studied the problem for five years you may be able to present it in such a way that it would take somebody else less time to get to that point than it took you but if they haven't struggled with the problem and seen all the pitfalls, then they haven't really understood it.

Mathematical Intelligencer An Interview with Michael Atiya (p. 17) Volume 6, Number 1,1984

Ferris, Timothy

We might eventually obtain some sort of bedrock understanding of cosmic structure, but we will never understand the universe in detail; it is just too big and varied for that. If we possessed an atlas of our galaxy that devoted but a single page to each star system in the Milky Way (so that the sun and all its planets were crammed in on one page), that atlas would run to more than ten million volumes of ten thousand pages each. It would take a library the size of Harvard's to house the atlas, and merely to flip through it, at the rate of a page per second, would require over ten thousand years.

Coming of Age in the Milky Way Chapter 20 (p. 383)

Galilei, Galileo

And finally I ask you, foolish man, can your mind grasp that magnitude of the universe, which you consider to be too vast? If you can grasp it would you consider that your comprehension extends beyond that of the Divine Power? Do you mean to say that you can imagine greater things than those that God can create? But if you do not grasp it then why do you wish to give an opinion on things that you do not understand?

Dialogues on the Two Chief Systems of the World

Third Day

Heisenberg, Werner

Even for a physicist the description in plain language will be a criterion of the degree of understanding that has been reached.

Physics and Philosophy Chapter X (p. 168)

Pagels, Heinz R.

The attempt to understand the origin of the universe is the greatest challenge confronting the physical sciences. Armed with the new concepts, scientists are rising to meet that challenge, although they know that success may be far away. Yet when the origin of the universe is understood, it will open a new vision that is beautiful, wonderful and filled with the mystery of existence. It will be our intellectual gift to our progeny and our tribute to the scientific heroes who began this great adventure of the human mind, never to see it completed.

Perfect Symmetry Part 1

Rabi, Isidor

Scientific understanding...is an essential step to our finding a home for ourselves in the universe. Through understanding the universe, we become at home in it. In a certain sense we have made this universe out of human concepts and human discoveries. It ceases to be a lonely place, because we can to some extent actually navigate in it.

In A.A. Warner, Dean Morse and T.E. Cooney (eds) The Environment of Change The Revolution in Science (p. 49)

Walker, Kenneth

It may be said that all understanding of the universe comes from the combined action of two faculties in us, the power to register impressions and the capacity to reason and reflect on them.

Meaning and Purpose Chapter II (p. 18)

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