Gamow, George

In wave mechanics there are no impenetrable barriers, and as the British physicist R.H. Fowler put it after my lecture on that subject at the Royal Society of London. .."Anyone at present in this room has a finite chance of leaving it without opening the door, or, of course, without being thrown out through the window."

My World Line Chapter 3 (p. 60)

The wind catches the filaments and the spider is carried where the filaments take it. In much the same way the point which represents the energy of the electron is guided by the waves which surround it, and extend possibly to an indefinite distance in all directions. If the waves pass over an obstacle like an atom their direction is modified and the modification is transmitted back to the electron and enable it to guide its path in accordance with the distribution of matter which it finds around it.

The Atom Chapter VII (p. 110)

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