Greatest Astronaut

We've just launched a poll to find the greatest astronaut of all time. You'll find more information on the 15 shortlisted astronauts in our August issue. Vote for your greatest at audlTn skyed

No Captain James T Kirk on that list, but for now I have voted for Yuri! micklove

It has to be John Young! He flew nearly everything and drove the rover. The Shuttle has killed more astronauts than any other US spacecraft so he must have guts! qcruse

I have gone for Yuri Gagarin. To be the first human being in space was an amazing accomplishment. I can't imagine how nervous he must have been just before take off. Tim Allan

Jim Lovell from the given list - should have been the commander of Apollo 11. Truth is all the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo guys (and early Soviet pioneers) were true heroes. Nebogipfel

I voted for John Young. I think he was the ultimate 'safe pair of hands' - no wonder NASA chose him for the maiden flight of the Shuttle, lancashire astroguy

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