arcseconds. We observed a number of festoons in Jupiter's equatorial zone and it wasn't a difficult task to make out the Cassini Division in the rings of Saturn - even though the planet was practically edge-on.

Colours on Jupiter and Saturn came out rather nicely too, as did the contrast, with the weak belts of Saturn being fairly easy to detect. The Baader also managed to resolve the double star Epsilon Boot is without any difficulty.

Economically, this is a well-designed eyepiece; not only is it easy to transport but its small, compact design means that it's easy to ha ndle a nd quick to fit into place in a focuser. If you like to observe the planets at star parties or want to move

your setup somewhere less light polluted, the Baader Genuine Ortho would make a useful addition to your toolkit as the eyepiece to use on the go.

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