^¡^ Returning to Perseus there's a rather lovely, if a little

Faint, planetary nebula located close to the mag +4 0 star, Phi (<ji) Persei. Known as M76, the Little Dumbbell, this is one of the faintest objects in Messier's catalogue with a visual magnitude of + 10.1. It's also one of the smallest at ¡ust 2.7x1.8 arcminutes. It is visible in small scopes as an elongated smudge, but an 8-inch scope using a power of 150x shows the main Form oF the nebula to be stretched and pinched in the middle - just like its larger counterpart, M27, the Dumbbell Nebula. An Olll filter will help if details are weak and larger scopes may reveal two additional nebulous lobes emanating from the thinnest part of M76. D SEEN IT

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