Observing Night

Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth; 25 September at 7.30pm; adults £5, children £2.50; email enquiries® normanlockyer.org; www.normanlockyer.org

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Fora brochure pack call John on 01454 325615

Tel: 01454 325615

10 South Walk, Yate, Bristol BS37 4AU

CORONADO PST Solar Telescope

■ See Prominences, Active Regions, Filaments & Other Surface Details

■ Thermally Stable

SkyHawk1145P SynScan AZGoTo

* SynScan AZ GoTo Computerised Alt-Azimuth Moun

* Highest Practical Power: x228

* Eyepieces 5uppli> 10mm& 25mm

* 6x24 Findersco •Stainless Steel

Telrad N

Finder & Bracket

■Protects Red Bullseye Gretes In Window itible With losl Any Scope Easy Mounting - tmrnaginEfied View ■ New Low Price l^Now Only £39,

Baader^ Astro Safety j Film

§ fli^ ■ A4 Sheet ~ ~~ " Suitable For Solar _ Observation v Only £17 y r i i tnríCÍF

SkyMax127 AZ SynScan GoTo f SynScan AZ GoTo Computerised Alt-Azimuth Mouj ►Focal Length; 1500mm 1 Eyepieces Suppli> 10mm 25mm ►90° Star Dlago ►55% More Light Gathering Tha 102mm Scopes y^Only £350

1OOrnm fully multicoated high quality optics with stunning build quality & superb value for money l^Only £699^

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