Software For The New Season

We've put together a fantastic collection of programs on our coverdisc this month to make your observing life easier

► Astronomer's Digital Clock

As its name suggests, this is a computer-based clock that allows you to make accurate timings of astronomical phenomena such as eclipses, moon transits and occupations.

Cartes du Ciel is a handy piece of planetarium software that allows you to plot the night sky from your location. It can also be used to control a telescope and print out star charts.

The glare from a bright laptop screen can ruin your night vision if you're using it while taking images. This software enables you to tint the screen red to get around this problem.

► DeepSkyStacker

Create stunning deep-sky images with this popular image stacking software. You load your raw images into the program and it will align and stack them for you.

With this image processing software you can align and stack deep-sky images. You can also process planet and comet pictures, create mosaics and put together animated images.

Autoguide a telescope for astro imaging with this helpful software. You'll need an autoguider camera, guidescope and other equipment to make use of it.

This great software enables you to process your lunar and planetary images. It'll take the video from your webcam or planetary CCD camera and break it down so it can be aligned, stacked and tweaked.

► Scope Calculator

Available for both Macs and PCs, this software allows you to calculate the true field of view, magnification and exit pupil produced with a particular telescope and eyepiece combination.

► Stellarium

Stellarium is an extremely popular piece of planetarium software that plots the sky from your location for a given date and time. It also has realistic sky colour and meteor shower effects.

► Virtual Moon Atlas

This is a must-have piece of software for lunar observers. It displays the Moon phase for a given date and time and is great for identifying lunar features and finding new ones to observe.

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