Heartfelt thanks to

David Ashford of Bristol Spaceplanes, for graciously allowing me to quote from his book Spaceflight Revolution and use illustrations of his designs, as well as for sharing certain technical information.

Alan Bond of Reaction Engines Ltd., for providing excellent images and technical information on the Skylon spaceplane and its advanced propulsion system.

Fletcher Manley, my uncle, for taking the time and providing the expertise to convert each of the book's images from JPEG to TIFF format for the publisher.

Dr. Pamela Menges of Aerospace Research Systems, Inc., for providing specifications and images of the Ramstar orbital spaceplane.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, for providing the vast majority of excellent photographs in this book, and for providing authoritative historical and technical information on the many projects it and its predecessor, NACA, has worked on over the years.

Vassili Petrovitch, for allowing me to use illustrations of the Buran, BOR, and Spiral spaceplanes from his website.

Vidhya Rajakoti, for overseeing the final production of the book in a precise, professional, and punctual manner.

Maury Solomon and Turpana Molina, my editors at Springer, for keeping me on track, prodding me on, and providing crucial editorial aid.

Dr. Raymond Wright of Spacefleet Ltd., for his friendship, and for supplying illustrations and information on the SF-01 spaceplane.

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