Airports Today Spaceports Tomorrow

Every major airport on Earth today will at some point in the future become a spaceport. These spaceports will be upgraded versions of today's international airports, because all arriving and departing spaceships will do so as spaceplanes, utilizing the atmosphere for propulsion and lift the same as any airplane. For a long time to come, most spaceports will be on Earth, for the simple reason that most people live on that planet. But spaceports will be built on other bodies as well, starting with the Moon.

The Lunar spaceport will not resemble any spaceport on Earth, because the Moon lacks an atmosphere. As a result, runways will be conspicuously absent. All spacecraft will arrive and depart vertically, using landing and ascent rockets. One feature the Lunar spaceport may have that the typical Earth facility will not is an elevator. This will lower the recently arrived spaceplane into a pressurized underground environment, where passengers and crew may disembark without the need to first don bulky spacesuits.

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