Appendix C

1903 (December 17) Wright brothers make the first four powered heavier-than-air flights

1919 Robert Goddard publishes "A Method of Reaching

Extreme Altitudes"

1926 (March 16) Robert Goddard flies the first liquid propellant rocket, Auburn, MA

1928 Fritz Stamer flies 1.2 km in catapult-launched black pow der rocketplane Ente

1929 Yuri Kondratyuk proposes lifting body to decelerate through atmosphere

1929 Fritz von Opel flies RAK.1 solid-propellant rocket glider near Frankfurt, Germany

1930 Frank Whittle gets a patent for the jet engine Gottlob Espenlaub reaches 90 km/h in rocket glider,

Düsseldorf, Germany

1931 Dr. Eugen Sänger begins liquid fuel rocket experiments,

Vienna, Austria

1931 Reinhold Tiling flies aluminum solid fuel rocket with folding wings

1931 (June 9) Robert Goddard receives patent for "rocket-propelled air craft"

1933 Eugen Sänger publishes Raketenflugtechnik (Rocket Flight


1934 William Swan ascends to 200 ft in solid-fuel rocketplane,

Atlantic City, NJ








1947 (October 14)

1947 (November 6)







H2O2 Walter engine assists takeoff of Heinkel He-72

1,000 kgf thrust liquid fuel rocket is flight-tested in Heinkel He-112

Eugen Sänger and Irene Bredt begin research on antipodal rocket bomber

Heinkel He-176 rocketplane begins test flights at Peenemünde

Tow-launched variable thrust Korolev RP-318-1 glide-rocket reaches 200 km/h

Messerschmitt Me 163A sets world speed record of

1004.5 km/h Me 163 becomes first operational rocketplane Winged V-2 demonstrates Mach 4 glide Chuck Yeager in Bell X-1 flies faster than sound, reaching Mach 1.06

X-1 reaches Mach 1.35, roughly 30 times the speed of Wright's Flyer

Douglas test pilot Bill Bridgeman takes D-558-2 Skyrocket to record 79,500 ft.

First level-flight supersonic jet aircraft, the F-100 Super

Sabre, makes maiden flight NACA test pilot Scott Crossfield takes Douglas Skyrocket to Mach 2.

Iven Kincheloe in Bell X-2 reaches 126,200 ft, first pilot to exceed 100,000 ft Mel Apt in Bell X-2 loses control, is killed, after being first to reach Mach 3

Two F-100 Super Sabres perform the first successful

"buddy" refueling X-15 makes first aircraft flight exceeding Mach 4, then 5, then 6

X-15 makes first aircraft flight above 200,000 ft X-15 makes first flight exceeding dynamic pressure of 2,000 psf

X-15 makes first aircraft flight above 300,000 ft and first above 50 miles X-15 makes first aircraft flight above 100 km, reaching 347,800 ft.

X-15 makes second aircraft flight above 100 km, reaching 354,200 ft










1977 (August 12) 1981 (April 12) 1986 (January 28) 1988 (November 15) 2001

2003 (February 1)

(December 17)


X-15 experiences its highest dynamic pressure of 2,202 psf

X-15 sets world absolute speed record of Mach 6.33 or 4,250 mph

First flight of the Northrop HL-10 lifting body

X-15 reaches Mach 6.70 or 4,520 mph - unofficial world speed record

X-15 pilot-astronaut Michael J. Adams is killed by severe pitch oscillations during reentry

X-24A makes its first drop-glide flight

Northrup HL-10 becomes first lifting body to fly faster than sound

HL-10 achieves fastest flight of any lifting body, Mach 1.86 or 1,228 mph

Bill Dana takes M2-F3 lifting body to its top speed of 1,064 mph or Mach 1.6

John Manke flies M2-F3 lifting body to its highest altitude of 71,500 ft

X-24B lifting body makes first drop-glide flight, Edwards AFB, California

X-24B reaches its maximum speed of 1,164 mph

X-24B reaches its maximum altitude of 74,130 ft

Space Shuttle Enterprise makes first glide-flight from 747 carrier, Edwards AFB, California

Space Shuttle Columbia makes maiden voyage - first flight of an orbital spaceplane

Space Shuttle Challenger breaks up 73 s after launch, killing her crew of 7

Soviet Spaceplane Buran makes its only spaceflight, unmanned, with automatic landing.

First X-43 test flight fails when Pegasus booster loses control

Buran spaceplane is destroyed when hangar collapses

Space Shuttle Columbia breaks up on reentry, taking her crew of 7

SpaceShipOne makes its first powered flight 100 years after Wright brothers

X-43 unmanned scramjet sets world airspeed record of Mach 6.83

Mojave Airport, California, becomes Mojave Spaceport.

(June 21) SpaceShipOne makes first private spaceflight, reaches

100.1 km

(September 29) SpaceShipOne reaches 102.9 km

(October 4) SpaceShipOne reaches 112.0 km and wins the X-prize

X-43 unmanned scramjet sets new airspeed record of Mach 9.68

2006 Genesis 1, first inflatable subscale space module, enters orbit on Dnepr booster

2007 X-48B unmanned blended wing body subscale test vehicle makes first flight

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