Apply Lessons Learned

A thorough study of all past failures will separate the successful company from the one that falls by the wayside. Every lesson, whether it be of a technical, financial, or human nature, must be studied, learned, and applied. Failure to study the lessons of the past is a failure in itself, and those who fail in this basic nugget of common sense are only dooming themselves to their own failure. One of the most important lessons is to study past space efforts, and see whether they worked, why they worked, how well they worked, or why they did not work. If there is a pattern of concepts that were considered but repeatedly canceled, it would behoove the smart company to figure out why. This lesson can help the wise establish the proper vision for the future. The company with the wrong vision, and the wrong goals, will fail, just as assuredly as the DC power distribution network was doomed from the beginning.

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