Be Creative

Creative ideas may mean the difference between success and failure. Space business and space technology together make up a brand new game. It is certainly not business as usual, and new ways of thinking will be necessary. This new mentality will involve Web-based relationships, bold strategies, and new technologies. Bold, innovative leadership and perseverance in the face of ridicule will also be required. It should be loudly repeated, over and over, that it is possible to access space from a runway instead of a launchpad. Gradually, the flying public will begin to absorb this new knowledge.

Creative solutions are often better than more traditional ones, although tradition will play an important role in the spaceplanes to come. One such tradition should be the dogged insistence on horizontal takeoff and landing. The missiles and modules idea should be cheerfully chucked in favor of the fully reusable, completely reliable, common-sensical spaceplane.

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