The Lunar Resort

The third use of Lunar spaceplanes is transporting space tourists to their dream vacation on the Moon. Now that we have seen how the infrastructure works, it becomes a reasonable proposition to consider a Moon-based tourist economy as well. Lunar spacelines will bring along their own infrastructure as they ship propellant in the form of water to or from the Moon. In this way, they will immediately realize a double benefit in their operations. If they ship propellants to the Moon, then they can sell their liquid cargos to government astronauts, scientists, Lunar hotel shuttle operators, or whoever else needs the water. If they ship propellants from the Moon, then they can supply their own operations via Earth orbital gas stations. Either way, spacelines will turn a pretty profit, because the Lunar tourist, pretty or not, will gladly ante up his or her share.

What will a Lunar resort look like? In all likelihood, any Lunar complex will be built underground, in order to shield its inhabitants from the harmful space environment. Cosmic rays, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections are a few of the radiation hazards endemic to space. There are also extremes of temperature and the ever-present danger of meteoroids. Surface structures will therefore need to be well protected, thick-walled, or buried under the regolith. Beyond this, what might a Lunar resort have to offer its patrons?

The answer to this question depends only on the imagination and the financial resources of the owners. One intriguing possibility is the indoor soaring arena.

By attaching artificial wings to the forearm, human powered flight in the weak Lunar gravity should be a practical proposition. This will require a fairly large pressurized dome, and such arenas would not appear in the early days. But eventually, this could become very popular.

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