A reduced role ISS science officers 20035

One factor in the assignment of a science officer on the reduced two-person "caretaker" crews was the need to perform maintenance work and housekeeping chores at a time when re-supply levels were restricted by the limits of the Soyuz and Progress vehicles. Further expansion of the station (and its science programme) was also delayed by the grounding of the Shuttle fleet. With only one American astronaut

The second US science officer, ISS-6 Flight Engineer Don Pettit, pictured in Destiny.

flying with one Russian cosmonaut from ISS-7 through to ISS-13, the NASA astronaut had to combine the role of FE or ISS commander with that of science officer, although the science was restricted to baseline science due to other responsibilities. The assigned science officers aboard ISS since 2003 have been:


Science officer

Other role


Ed Lu

Flight engineer


Mike Foale

ISS commander


Michael Fincke

Flight engineer


Leroy Chiao

Flight engineer


John Phillips

Flight engineer


Bill McArthur

ISS commander


Jeffrey Williams

Flight engineer

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