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Bob Parker had been named to the crew of Astro-1 as MS 1 in June 1984 and began training for the mission from that time. He was named with fellow astronomer Jeff Hoffman (MS 3) from the 1978 group and 1980 astronaut Dave Leestma who would serve as MS 2/FE. Their announcement to the flight allowed them to work with Principal Investigators to begin preliminary discussions over the science objectives of the mission in line with CB guidelines and STS safely rules. The following January, Jon McBride and Dick Richards were named as commander and pilot respectively for the mission and began working with Leestma to develop the flight operational requirements for the mission. They would also coordinate with Parker and Hoffman over the orbital manoeuvring requirements for the science objectives. In October 1985, the payload specialist assignments were announced, with Ron Parise and Sam Durrance in the primary positions and Ken Nordsieck as back-up. As each Astro PS was scheduled to make two flights, Nordsieck was expected to fly on Astro 2 and 3 with either Parise or Durrance.

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