Another Trip Into Space

The flight of STS 51-F was the final flight to include ''rookie'' scientist-astronauts from the 1967 selection. Though they had gone through the long wait and uncertainty over their flights, they had achieved their goal, and while some had already decided to move on to new careers and objectives in life, others still longed for a second or third flight into space. By the end of 1985, Parker and Garriott were both assigned to new missions. For Musgrave, Thornton and (for a time) England, the desire to return to space was still strong enough to keep them in the astronaut programme. Although the line of crews and new astronauts - all awaiting their chance to fly - was much longer and their chances of making another flight were slimmer, they would wait it out for a while again. However, seventy-three seconds of a cold January day in 1986 would drastically and tragically change their fates.

England takes the opportunity to look out of the window during the mission.


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