CB points of contact for Flight Data File November 1985

On 19 November 1985, a CB memo from Story Musgrave to all current astronauts listed new points of contact for specific issues regarding the Flight Data File (FDF), with effect from STS 61-B. Owen Garriott, now working on the EOM mission that would include a small laboratory module, took responsibility for issues relating to the Spacelab modules with regard to activation and deactivation, in-flight maintenance and operation checklists. Parker, currently in training for the Astro pallet-only mission, took these roles for the Spacelab Pallet issues as well as for Data Processing Systems/software (DPS) and the Command Data Management System (CDMS).

By far the most assignments (fourteen) were given to Musgrave, who was also expecting to be named to his third mission. Some of these were sole assignments, others were shared (see below).

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