Edward G Gibson

Sharing his birth date with that of noted astronomer Edmund Halley, Edward George Gibson came into the world on 8 November 1936, the youngest of three children born to Geraldine (nee Shannon) and Calder Alexander Gibson. The Gibson family lived in the quaint, tree-lined village of Kenmore, located in Erie County near the Niagara River just north of Buffalo, where his father ran the A.C. Gibson Company, a marking devices firm founded by and named after his paternal grandfather, Alexander Calder Gibson.5

Ed adored his older siblings; Calder, his brother, had been named after their father, and he also had a doting big sister named Helen. Growing up in Kenmore with its small town atmosphere and friendly inhabitants was a wonderful experience for any young boy, but during his early childhood Gibson suffered with osteomyelitis, an inflammatory process that particularly affected his right shinbone. This ailment would preclude his participation in athletics until he reached the sixth grade.

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