England Anthony Tony Wayne Ms Sts 51FSpacelab

Born: 1942 May 15 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Qualifications: (1965) BS in geology from MIT; (1965) MS in geology from MIT; (1970); PhD in geophysics from MIT.

NASA career: (1967 Aug 4) selected as a NASA scientist-astronaut, Group 6. Aged 25 he was, and remains as of 2005, the youngest person ever selected by NASA for astronaut training. Worked on early Skylab development issues; (1967-1969) astronaut academic, simulator, survival and jet pilot training programme; (1970) support crew, Apollo 13; (1972) support crew, Capcom and mission scientist, Apollo 16; (1972, Aug 14) resigns from NASA; (1979 Jun 3) returns to NASA CB as a senior scientist-astronaut. Shuttle development roles; (1985 Jul 29-Aug 6) flew as MS STS 51-F/Spacelab 2, a solar physics, astronomy and Earth sciences mission (190 hours). CB support for STS 51-J and 61-A; (1988 Oct) resigned from NASA when he was not assigned to a second mission. Became Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of Michigan. England logged over 190 hours in space on one mission.

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