Story Musgrave

In many respects, Story Musgrave's life and accomplishments were shaped by a troubled youngster's desperate affinity with nature. It was to nature he fled in body and spirit to seek a calming distraction from a life riven by conflict and torment. Just as he would later turn to the elevating works of Thoreau and Emerson, the young boy found comfort in nature, and inspiration in the night sky.

There are many who would describe picturesque Stockbridge, Massachusetts, as a sublime sort of place in which to live and raise children. The hometown of Norman Rockwell, the famed artist once characterised this quaint, picture-postcard village as ''the best of America, the best of New England.'' His painting, Main Street at Christmas, achieved renown for its portrayal of a classic New England town stamped with elegance and history - a comfortable place wreathed in old-fashioned charm, gracious living, and a spirit of patriotic bonhomie.

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