Garriott Owen Kay Science Pilot Skylab 3 MS STS9Spacelab

Born: 1930 Nov 22 in Enid, Oklahoma, USA.

Qualifications: (1953) BS in electrical engineering from the University of Oklahoma; (1957) MS in electrical engineering, Stanford University; (1960) PhD in electrical engineering, Stanford University.

NASA career: (1965 Jun 28) selected as a NASA scientist-astronaut, Group 4; (19651967) astronaut academic, simulator, survival and jet pilot training programme; (from 1967) development issues for Apollo Applications Program (AAP, later Skylab); (1967) served on the Group 6 Astronaut Selection Board; (1968) Chief AAP; (1969) Capcom Apollo 11; (1973 Jul 28-Sep 25) flew as Science Pilot Skylab 3 (1427 hours), the second manned mission, setting new endurance record of 59 days 11 hours 9 minutes 4 seconds. Completed three EVAs totalling 13 hours 44 minutes; (1974-1976) various management roles at JSC, including Deputy Director, Science and Applications, Chief of Scientist-Astronauts, and Acting Director, Science and Applications; (1976) took a one-year sabbatical at Stanford University, returning as a senior scientist-astronaut; (1983 Nov 28-Dec 8) flew as MS STS-9/Spacelab 1 (247 hours), a multi-discipline scientific research flight and the first flight of the dedicated research module. Subsequently served as Space Station Freedom Program Scientist at JSC and trained for two years for two Spacelab Earth Observation Missions (EOM-1

in 1985 and EOM-2 in 1986). Scheduling problems and the loss of Challenger resulted in their cancellation; (1986 Jun) resigned from NASA to become Vice President of Space Programs, Teledyne Brown Engineering in Huntsville, Alabama. Garriott logged over 1674 hours in space on two missions.

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