Henize Karl Gordon Ms Sts 51FSpacelab

Born: 1926 Oct 17 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Died: 1993 Oct 5 of respiratory failure during an ascent of Mount Everest. Qualifications: (1947) BA in mathematics from the University of Virginia; (1948) MA in astronomy from the University of Virginia; (1954) PhD in astronomy from the University of Michigan; (1966) principle investigator of Experiment S-033 (UV Astronomical Camera) flown on Gemini 10, 11 and 12.

NASA career: (1967 Aug 4); selected as a NASA scientist-astronaut, Group 6; (1967— 1969) astronaut academic, simulator, survival and jet pilot training programme; (1971) support crew and Capcom, Apollo 15; (1973—1974) support crewman and

Capcom for the three manned Skylab missions; (1973) "crew member'', Learjet Spacelab simulation mission 3; (1974) "crew member'', Learjet Spacelab simulation mission 4; (1977) "crew member'', ASSESS-II airborne Spacelab simulation tests; (from 1977) worked on Spacelab 2 payload; (1985 Jul 29-Aug 6) flew as MS STS 51-f/ Spacleab 2 (190 hours), a solar physics, astronomy and earth sciences mission; (1986 Apr) left CB to become a senior scientist in the JSC Space Science Branch, working on space debris issues.

Henize logged 190 hours in space on one mission.

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