Kerwin Joseph Joe Peter Science Pilot Skylab

Born: 1932 Feb 19, in Oak Park, Illinois, USA.

Qualifications: (1953) BA in philosophy from the College of Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts; (1957) MD from Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois; (1958) designated US Naval Flight Surgeon; (1962) earned US naval aviator wings.

NASA career: (1965 Jun 28) selected as a NASA scientist-astronaut, Group 4; (19651967) astronaut academic, simulator, and survival training programme; (from 1966) provided support in the CB AAP (Skylab) branch office; (1967-1968) served on the committee for operational readiness of the Lunar Receiving Laboratory (LRL) at JSC; (1968-1969) CB representative for the development of the Apollo post-flight biological isolation garments (BIG); (1968 Jun) served as "commander" for an eight-day (177 hours) simulated spaceflight in an Apollo CM (2TV-1), held in Altitude Chamber A, Space Environment Simulator Laboratory; (1970) Capcom, Apollo 13; (1973 May 25-Jun 22) flew as science pilot, Skylab 2 (672 hours), the first manned mission, setting a new endurance record of 28 days 0 hours 49 minutes 49 seconds. Completed one 3 hr 30 min EVA; (1973 Dec 7-1977) served as CB Chief, Life Sciences Branch; (1974-1975) participated in the Outlook for Space 1980-2000 study group; (from 1974) assigned to support roles in Shuttle development, including RMS and EVA issues; (1977) member of the Astronaut Selection Board for Group 8, the first

Shuttle era selection; (1981-1982) Chief of On-orbit branch of CB. He was a leading contender for assignment to the STS-13 Solar Max repair mission as MS; (1982 Apr-1984 Jan) NASA Senior Scientific Representative in Australia; (1984 Jan-1987 Apr) Director of Life Sciences at JSC; (1987 Apr) retired from NASA to join the Lockheed Space and Missile Company as Chief Scientist for the space station at their Houston office.

Kerwin logged over 672 hours in space on one mission.

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