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As there would be only five months in which to fit in the academic training prior to their Air Force undergraduate pilot training, the schedule was carefully constructed. Lectures were generally limited to two per day, each of around two hours' duration. When possible, afternoons and alternate Fridays were kept free in order to allow the scientists the opportunity to pursue any personal projects.

A total of 330 hours would be devoted to scientific and technical lectures, while orientation field trips were conducted on the subjects of launch vehicles, launch operations and star recognition. In addition to the many NASA and contractor personnel contributing to this training programme, some thirty-five lecturers also participated, including some of the scientist-astronauts themselves; namely, Karl Henize and Bob Parker (astronomy), Jack Schmitt and Brian O'Leary (planetology), Curt Michel (solar winds and the Moon and planets), Phil Chapman (space flight dynamics) and Owen Garriott (aeronomy). They were even given a talk on exobiology in space

Seven members of the Excess Eleven examine a model of the Saturn IVB workshop cluster at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. From left: O'Leary, Chapman, Thornton, Llewellyn, Parker, Musgrave and Allen.

exploration by the eminent scientist, astronomer, educator and author Dr. Carl Sagan.6

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