Learjet simulation programme 19724

In order to evaluate the Shuttle/Spacelab concept in more detail, a series of simpler simulations was planned, flying an instrument-laden Learjet aircraft based at Ames Research Center to replicate the constraints of a Shuttle mission using a team of PIs associated with each experiment. This series of four flights ran between 1972 and 1974. In addition, a flight on the CV-990 was used to evaluate experiment operation procedures, using a limited number of specially selected experiment operators, designated "Payload Specialists". During the week of 30 September to 4 October 1974, the fourth Spacelab Learjet Simulation was completed at Ames. Assigned as Experiment Operators (EO) were astronaut Karl Henize from JSC and Lee Weaver of MSFC. This was the first time that experiment operators were trained as "crew members" and the first direct CB involvement in a Spacelab development mission. It was also the first time that specially trained EOs had been used, rather than a PI and an assistant, as on the earlier flights in the series.

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