Lenoir William Bill Benjamin MS STS5

Born: 1939 Mar 14 in Miami, Florida, USA.

Qualifications: (1961) BS in electrical engineering from MIT; (1962) MS in electrical engineering from MIT; (1965) PhD in electrical engineering from MIT. NASA career: (1967 Aug 4) selected as a NASA scientist-astronaut, Group 6; (19671969) astronaut academic, simulator, survival and jet pilot training programme; (from 1969) assigned to AAP/Skylab development issues; (1973) back-up science pilot for Skylab 3 and 4, the second and third manned missions. Would have been science pilot for a twenty-day fourth closeout visit to Skylab in 1974, had it not been cancelled due to budget cuts and the extension of the third manned mission from 59 to 84 days; (from 1974) assigned Shuttle development issues; (1974 Sep-1976 Jul) assigned to the NASA Satellite Power Team, working on the adaptation of space power systems on Earth; (1982 Nov 11-16) flew as MS STS-5 (122 hours), the first "operational" Shuttle flight. Planned demonstration EVA cancelled. CB support role STS-6; (1984 Sep 1) resigned from NASA when he was not assigned to a second space flight, to work with the management consultant firm Booze, Allen and Hamilton Inc., in Alexandria, Virginia. One of his projects was as consultant for Space Station Freedom; (1989 Jul-1992 May) NASA Associate Administrator for Space Station Freedom programme, promoted later in 1989 to Associate Administrator for Spaceflight; (1992 Jun) returned to Booz, Allen and Hamilton as Manager, Applied Systems Division. Lenoir logged 122 hours in space on one mission.

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