Other early Spacelab assignments

In addition to participation in the various Spacelab simulation programmes, a number of astronauts took part in the development of the Spacelab module. Between 22 and 23 November 1976, pilot-astronaut Paul Weitz accompanied scientist-astronauts Ed Gibson, Bill Lenoir and Joe Kerwin (all former Skylab assigned astronauts) to MBB-ERNO, the German prime contractor for Spacelab payload integration. They conducted a walk-through of the Spacelab module, where they simulated various airlock operations and noted a number of improvements that needed to be included prior to the first mission. The following year, between 25 and 29 April 1977, a formal Crew Station Review was held at ERNO, which involved astronauts Paul Weitz, Bob Parker and Ed Gibson working with specialists from NASA, ESA and ERNO to review crew habitability of the Spacelab design. 36

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