Other space exploration books by David J Shayler

Challenger Fact File (1987), ISBN 0-86101-272-0 Apollo 11 Moonlanding (1989), ISBN 0-7110-1844-8 Exploring Space (1994), ISBN 0-600-58199-3 All About Space (1999), ISBN 0-7497-4005-X

With Harry Siepmann:

NASA Space Shuttle (1987), ISBN 0-7110-1681

Other books by David J. Shayler in this series:

Disasters and Accidents in Manned Spaceflight (2000), ISBN 1-85233-225-5

Skylab: America's Space Station (2001), ISBN 1-85233-407-X

Gemini: Steps to the Moon (2001), ISBN 1-85233-405-3

Apollo: The Lost and Forgotten Missions (2002), ISBN 1-85233-575-0

Walking in Space (2004), ISBN 1-85233-710-9

With Rex Hall:

The Rocket Men (2001), ISBN 1-85233-391-X

Soyuz: A Universal Spacecraft (2003), ISBN 1-85233-657-9

With Rex Hall and Bert Vis:

Russia's Cosmonauts (2005), ISBN 0-38721-894-7

With Ian Moule:

Women in Space: Following Valentina (2005), ISBN 1-85233-744-3 With Andy Salmon and Mike Shayler:

Marswalk: First Steps on a New Planet (2005), ISBN 1-85233-792-3

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