Reorganising the scientistastronaut office

By 1974, several astronauts had already begun working on development and support issues in the Space Shuttle Branch Office of the Astronaut Office (CB) at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston. As part of a re-focus of activities from the Apollo/ Skylab era to the new programme, the departments in the Astronaut Office were restructured to allow for retirements from the astronaut team and to better utilise the talents, skills and experiences of the astronauts (especially the scientist-astronauts) in supporting the developing Shuttle programme.

A major reorganisation of JSC was planned for February 1974 and was announced on 7 December 1973. As part of this restructuring, scientist-astronauts still active in the programme were assigned to CB offices in either the Science and Applications or the Life Sciences directorates. Owen Garriott became Deputy to the Director of the Science and Applications Directorate, Jack Schmitt was named Chief of the Science and Applications Astronaut Office, and Joe Kerwin would be the Chief of the Life Science Astronaut Office.2 The group was assigned thus:

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