Satellites for sale the fourteenth Shuttle mission

The fourteenth mission of the Shuttle programme and the second for orbiter Discovery (OV-103) was originally scheduled for 7 November 1984. Despite a crystal clear day in Florida and all systems seemingly working properly, the launch was scrubbed due to excessive wind speed between the 20,000- and 40,000-foot levels. All was fine the following day, 8 November, with Discovery making its return to space without incident. The two commercial satellites were deployed by the crew during FD 2 and FD 3, with Allen managing the deployment of Anik D2 and Anna Fisher deploying Leasat 2 the next day. The precise chase to reach the two stranded satellites deployed from STS 41-B passed without incident and the two resulting EVAs (6 hours on 12 November and 5 hours 42 minutes on 14 November) successfully brought both rogue satellites back into the payload bay of the orbiter for the journey home. After the completion of a number of mid-deck experiments, Discovery returned to Earth with the two satellites safely aboard on 16 November, after a flight of 7 days 23 hours 44 minutes 56 seconds, during orbit 127. Flight Director Jay Greene highlighted the huge achievement of the mission by saying: ''We've deployed satellites before; we've picked up satellites before; we've rendezvoused before; and we've repaired a satellite before. But we've never before done all of these things together on one flight.''

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Renewable Energy 101

Renewable Energy 101

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