Six Missions And Thirty Years

Bob Parker was the last of the scientist-astronauts to leave NASA, but one member of the group stands out as the most flown and longest serving active astronaut - Story Musgrave. Between 1983 and 1996 he flew on six Shuttle missions, finally retiring from the Astronaut Office in 1997 after thirty years as an active astronaut, when it became clear that he would not get a seventh mission.

After flying on STS-6 in 1983 and STS 51-F (Spacelab 2) in 1985, he completed two DoD missions in 1989 (STS-33) and 1991 (STS-44), participated in the first Hubble Service Mission (STS-61) in 1993 and finally flew on STS-80 in 1996. He became the only astronaut to fly on each orbit-capable vehicle of the Shuttle orbiter fleet, including Challenger. It is a unique record which will not be matched.

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