Sts 51f Spacelab 2 And Three Scientistastronauts

The mission specialists for the second Spacelab mission were announced at the same time as the Spacelab 3 crew, and included Karl Henize (MS 1) and Tony England (MS 3). England had recently returned from Rockwell, where he had supported avionics development since returning to NASA. At one time, he had been considered for assignment as MS to an early Shuttle flight but, for various reasons, was instead

Karl And Crew
The crew for STS 51-F takes a break in training. Left to right: Tony England, Karl Henize, Story Musgrave, Gordon Fullerton, Loren Acton, Roy Bridges and John-David Bartoe.

nominated for Spacelab 2. For about a year, both astronauts worked on mission issues, mainly at Marshall Space Flight Center, before being joined by commander Gordon Fullerton, pilot David Griggs and MS 2/FE Story Musgrave, who were announced on 17 November. Payload specialists Loren Acton and John-David Bartoe were announced on 8 June, with their back-ups being named as Diane Prinz and George Simon.

Again, a two-shift system would be utilised, with Griggs, Henize and Acton operating the Red Shift and Musgrave, England and Bartoe operating the Blue Shift. Commander Fullerton was not assigned to a shift and would work with either, as required. For the first and only time, three scientist-astronauts - Henize, England and Musgrave - would fly together on one mission, and all three would support contingency EVA operations. Musgrave was designated as EV 1, with England as EV 2 and Henize as the IV astronaut, who would have supported them had an emergency EVA been required. Delays in the mission (mainly due to qualifying the Instrument Pointing System) and changes to the Shuttle manifest resulted in pilot Griggs being reassigned from STS 51-F on 26 September 1984, due to the close proximity of his other assigned mission, STS 51-E. He was replaced on the Spacelab 2 mission by Roy Bridges.

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