Sts6 The Challenge Of

The crew for STS-6 had been announced on 2 March 1982 (NASA News 82-012) as Paul Weitz (commander) Karol Bobko (pilot) Story Musgrave (MS 1) and Don

Nasa Astronaut Col Karol Bobko
The STS-6 crew receives preliminary flight instruction from Shuttle Landing Facility Manager Roger Gould prior to flying formation manoeuvres in their T-38s the day prior to their launch into space. Left to right: Gould, Commander Paul Weitz, MS Don Peterson, MS Musgrave and Pilot Karol Bobko.

Peterson (MS 2). This crew included one veteran (Weitz) and three rookie astronauts, but all had been at NASA since the 1960s, like the STS-5 crew. The combined age of the STS-6 crew (191 years) was humorously highlighted by the astronauts in TV transmissions, with all four posing for the cameras wearing vintage spectacles. The objectives for STS-6 were to deploy the first Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) by means of the IUS upper stage, and to inaugurate the Challenger orbiter OV-099 to operational flight. The cancelled EVA demonstration on STS-5 was reassigned to STS-6, again with the primary objective of verifying the operational status of the basic EVA system. From a Shuttle programme standpoint, this EVA would be the first step in verifying the elements necessary to support the Solar Max satellite repair mission scheduled for STS-13 (later renamed STS 41-C). The EVA activities would begin with functional equipment checks on FD 3, with the EVA itself conducted on FD 4.17

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