Supporting Skylab

With Kerwin, Garriott and Gibson undergoing specific mission training, those members of the 1967 group who were assigned to Skylab would be required to fill a number of supporting roles, an important step towards their own eventual flights into space. Following flight school, the 1967 group worked on Skylab issues for between nine and twelve months, as Bob Parker recalled in his official NASA Oral History interview: "We spent [time] working on Skylab - a little of this, a little of that, and a lot of what I would call apprentice stuff, just going to meetings [and] gradually learning. It wasn't a training program, by and large, with specific objectives. Somebody may have sketched something out like that, but then [we would find] somebody was on a committee working out this, somebody else was on a working group doing that, and somebody was worrying about this particular vehicle or those particular experiments on Skylab. So it was basically learning by doing.''13

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