Comets and meteors

Comets are dirty snowballs that originate in the oort cloud. They are of special interest because they are made of pristine material from the birth of the solar system some 4.6 billion years ago. If a comet travels in toward the sun, it sheds dust that can produce meteors in Earth's sky how comets change

A comet is a solid, irregularly shaped mix of two-thirds ice and snow, and one-third rocky dust. When one of these mountain-sized snowballs, termed a nucleus, travels closer to the sun than Mars, it is affected by the sun's heat. surface snow is turned to gas and, along with dust that is released, forms a coma—a vast, expanding cloud, which can be many times the diameter of earth. Gas and dust are pushed from the coma and form tails, typically 60 million miles (100 million km) long.

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