DIAMETER 864,900 miles (1.4 million km )

sun's disk but can be thousands of miles long. Much larger and more substantial solar flares and loops of hot gas are often associated with sunspots.

Dark spots measuring hundreds or thousands of miles across appear periodically on the surface and typically last for a few weeks at a time. These sunspots are cooler areas where hot gas cannot reach the surface. They lie within a region that stretches from about 40° on either side of the equator. the spots materialize according to an 11-year cycle. they appear and disappear in positions ever closer to the equator, with the number of spots changing during the cycle.


These are about 2,700°F (I,500°C) cooler than the rest of the photosphere. The darkest, coolest central zone is the umbra; around it is the lighter, less cool penumbra.

AvERAGE Distance fRoM EARTH 92.9 million miles (149.6 million km)

rotation period (equatorial) 25 Earth days suRfACE temperature 9,930°F (5,500°C)

Core TEMPERATuRE 127 million °F (5 million °C)

size comparison

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