Features Of Interest

ALPHA (a) GEMINORUM (CASTOR) 5 3 A remarkable multiple star. To the eye it appears as a single star of magnitude 1.6, but a small telescope with high magnification divides it into a sparkling blue-white duo of 2nd and 3rd magnitudes. These form a genuine binary with an orbital period of 470 years. There is also a 9th-magnitude red dwarf companion. All three stars are spectroscopic binaries, making a total of six stars in the system.

ZETA (Z) GEMINORUM 2 1 A Cepheid variable that ranges between magnitudes 3.6 and 4.2 in a cycle that lasts 10.2 days.

ETA (n) GEMINORUM 2 1 A red giant variable that ranges between magnitudes 3.1 and 3.9.

M35 1 5 An open star cluster lying at the feet of the twins, easily found with binoculars.

NGC 2392 (THE ESKIMO NEBULA) 5 S A planetary nebula visible through small telescopes as a bluish disk similar in size to the globe of Saturn. Larger apertures, and CCD images, show a surrounding fringe of gas like the fur on an Eskimo's parka.

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