Features Of Interest

ALPHA (a) CANIS MAJORIS (SIRIUS) 2 3 The brightest star in the sky, at magnitude -1.4. Sirius is among the closest stars to us, 8.6 light-years away. A faint white dwarf, Sirius B, orbits it every 50 years, but this can be seen only with a large telescope.

M41 2 K 5 A large open cluster, bright enough to be visible as a hazy patch to the naked eye. Binoculars show its stars scattered over an area about the size of a full moon. Through telescopes, chains of stars can be seen radiating from its center.

NGC 2362 5 A tight cluster of stars around the 4th-magnitude blue supergiant Tau (t) Canis Majoris, best seen through telescopes.

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