Features Of Interest

ALPHA (a) SCORPII (ANTARES) 2 The constellation's brightest star, a red supergiant hundreds of times larger than the Sun. It fluctuates in brightness from about magnitude 0.9 to 1.2 every four to five years.

DELTA (8) SCORPII 2 A star that unexpectedly began to brighten in the year 2000. Normally of magnitude 2.3, it rose by over 50 percent as it ejected a shell of gas. It has since faded.

XI © SCORPII 5 A complex multiple star. Through small telescopes, it appears as a white and orange pair of 4th and 7th magnitudes. In the same field of view, a fainter and wider pair can also be seen. All four are gravitationally linked, making this a genuine quadruple.

M4 K 5 A large, loosely scattered globular cluster near Antares, 7,000 light-years away.

M6 (THE BUTTERFLY CLUSTER) K 5 An open cluster about twice as distant from us as M7 and hence appearing somewhat smaller.

M7 2 K 5 An open cluster visible to the eye as a hazy patch against the Milky Way.

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