Great Dark Spot

Voyager 2 images revealed a dark stormlike cloud, since named the Great Dark Spot, in Neptune's atmosphere in 1989. Bright clouds of methane ice surround the spot, which is almost as big as Earth.


The atmosphere is predominantly hydrogen. But it is the relatively small amount of methane in the upper atmosphere that creates the distinctive blue color. The methane absorbs red light and reflects blue.

hydrogen (79%)

methane and trace gases (3%)

hydrogen (79%)

methane and trace gases (3%)


neptune data

DiAMETER 30,760 miles (49,532 km)

average DisTANcE fRoM suN 2.8 million miles (4.5 million km)

oRBiTAL pERioD 164.8 Earth years

RoTATioN pERioD 16.11 hours cloud-top temperature

number of moons 13

sizE coMpARisoN

0 0

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