In The Beginning

The Big Bang was not an explosion in the conventional sense—it was an explosion of space itself, and the beginning of time. The theory does not and cannot attempt to explain what came "before," since time and space did not exist. All we can say


The first 10-35 seconds of time saw the sudden burst of inflation, accompanied by a dramatic drop in pressure and temperature, and a resurgence of temperature as Inflation came to a halt.

is that the universe was infinitely small, dense, and hot as it came into being. For the first 10-43 seconds, the so-called "Planck time," the normal laws of physics did not apply.


Sx1G-2 ft (1G2 m)

S3 ft (1G m)

60 miles (105 m / 100 km)


1,800 trillion trillion °F (1027 K / 1,000 trillion trillion °C)

18 billion trillion °F (1022 K / 10 billion trillion °C)


A IGG-billionth of a yoctosecond 11G-35 sec

A 1GG-millionth of a yoctosecond 11G32 seconds

1 yoctosecond / 10-24 seconds

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