the fox

Delphinus Delphini (Del)

WIDTH m depth mm SIZE RANKING 69th fULLY VISIBLE 90°n-69°s

Delphinus, a small but distinctive constellation shaped like a flag on a stick, is tucked between Aquila and Pegasus, just north of the celestial equator. It is one of the original Greek constellations and bears a fair resemblance to a dolphin leaping from the waves. According to myth, it represents either the dolphin that saved Arion, a celebrated poet and musician, from drowning when he was attacked by robbers on a ship, or the dolphin sent by Poseidon to bring the sea nymph Amphitrite for him to marry. Four stars, all of 4th magnitude, form a distinctive diamond shape at the head of the dolphin. This used to be popularly known as Job's Coffin.


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